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We Care about Trees


Steve Masterson of Masterson Tree Care on Martha's Vineyard Island.


Serving the island of Martha's Vineyard

Tree & Shrub Pruning


It’s basically an art and science when it comes to pruning. The science is knowing how much material to remove so the tree/shrub is still healthy. The art is pleasing the eye. When a proper pruning schedule has been neglected, it’s my mission to reshape, and bring things back into form. The reasons we prune are, for plant rejuvenation, production of fruit and flowers, and maintaining the shape, health, safety and structure. Reading the plant is important, Sometimes,

you need to prune so the cuts are hidden. The plants are taken back proportionately, so the plant looks natural. Your eye leads up the trunk in a natural easy progression. 

Tree Health Care

I’m big on a plant healthcare program. With a good program, it gives the tree or shrub an extra edge to deal with challenging environmental conditions. I believe one of the most important aspects is the root system. If there is a healthy root system, there will most likely be a healthy tree or shrub. Healthy soil is another key component, having healthy soil will provide essential nutrients for that plant/tree or shrub to thrive. Pruning is also important. Dead or damaged wood can be carriers for disease and insects, it also promotes health through proper airflow. Also, pruning creates a strong, healthy structure. 



We specialized hand dug transplants where tree spades are not an option to dig out the plant .


I actually feel pretty comfortable in the trees. I really enjoy it. I’ve been climbing for 20+ years. I always try and be smart about the moves I make in the trees, what is necessary to remove and what isn't.  I decide what needs to come out to help the integrity of the tree to make it safer.  I follow the latest standard of ISA (International Society of Arboriculture). I’m a certified member. 



Masterson Tree Care performs a thorough tree assessment before any recommendations are made for tree removal . Our service is a climbing company where bucket trucks can’t be used .

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